Virtual Reality Documentary

Aia’s Big Cave (Allekoaitzeko Kobaundie)

View the Spanish version.

Greendog Productions in collaboration with Aranzadi Science Society has made a documentary in Virtual Reality about the discovery of a prehistoric site.

A group of archaeologists headed by the forensic doctor Paco Etxeberria goes into a cave in the Aralar mountain range (Basque Country, northern Spain) in search of human remains from the Chalcolithic period.

See more info about the virtual reality documentary and its educational application here.


A documentary in equality and domestic violence promoted by the Equality department of Barañáin City Council (Navarra). There are many myths and unanswered questions about equality. Isonomia aims to explore these questions in an educational and positive form.

Watch full documentary here.


Pamplona Actual – Read here.

12 Months Film Festival – Read here.

Liam’s Journey

Documentary on the impact of stigma. After 25 years courageously recovering from a devastating case of meningitis, Liam is about to undertake his next adventure of exploration on the Camino of St James.


Anne K. Scott  – Read here.


‘Hate’ is a feature length documentary-and-fiction film

The idea to start this project was born in order to explore and understand the emotion of Hatred. Hate has shaped history, changed codes of conduct that have prevailed for generations, and it seems that there is nothing we can do about it.

Hate is undoubtedly one of the most powerful emotions in our race, and consequently it affects the population worldwide.

Remembering to forget… forgetting to remember

A short observational documentary of an abandoned building in Ireland

St. Brigid’s hospital stands in Ballinasloe, Ireland. An imposing building from the 1830s, St Brigid’s has always been infamous and if the walls could speak they would scream haunting tales of days gone by. Even today you’ll hear people say “One day that lad is going to end up in Ballinasloe!”

Los niños de la Guerra

I decided to film interviews in different parts of Spain about the personal experiences and anecdotes of those who lived through the Spanish civil war.

See Enriqueta’s full interview here.

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